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30 Minute Woodturning
  For any keen woodturners out there who want to do more turning but are short of time, 30-Minute Woodturning is the perfect book as it has an enticing vareity of projects which can all be completed in 30 minutes. Even for those working at an interm...

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Woodturning Trickery by David Springett
  Learn the secrets to a collection of puzzling projects, designed to mystify and intrigue. There are 12 seemingly impossible woodturned puzzles to make - all with incredibly simple solutions, once you know how. Using old techniques in a new and fas...

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Woodturning: A Foundation Course by K Rowley with DVD
  Keith Rowley's best-selling introduction to the art of woodturning is exceptional for its friendly and methodical approach, building up the reader's skills and confidence by logical and progressive steps. At the heart of Keith's method are the 'La...

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