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3 point steady  

3 Point Steady
  The 3 Point Steady is used to stop the wobbles on long spindle turning or when hollowing large vessels.  It acts as a guide to "steady" the timber as it spins.  The 3 Point Steady is tailored to suit the PS Tools Maxi Lathe, for a 16" ...


Keyless Chuck  

Keyless Chuck - 16mm
  16mm Keyless Chuck (Sometimes referred to as a Jacobs Chuck) comes with a No.2 Morse Taper.  This is a precision chuck which can be used in either the Head or Tail stock.  Can be used on either the PS Tools Mini Lathe or the PS Tools Max...



Silverglide Dry Slip - 250ml
  Features & Benefits Protects cast iron table tops Provides better movement of high resinous timber 250ml tin Useful in a myriad of applications. Mainly used to protect cast iron tops from rust. It can also provide lubrication for highly ...



Universal Index Attachment - 30 x 3.5
  Add the benefit of Indexing to your lathe with this handy attachment. With the ability to Index, you can now easily segment spindles, bowls or pens and provide uniform decoration and fluting segments to your turning. Thread size is 30 x 3.5



Wood Screw Chuck - 65mm (2.5") M30 x 3.5 or 1" x 10tpi Thread
  Wood Screw Chuck - 65mm (2.5") - M30 x 3.5 or  1" x 10tpi Threads Comes with three Stainless steel screws 8mm , 10mm and 12mm Thread form developed for maximum grip Faces have slightly raised rim to ensure firm location of timber