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Bread Knife
  Bread knife stainless steel, now with a new rounded bolster more suitable for woodturners made in Sheffield England.  Length 244mm



Butter Blade Large
  Butter blade large 18/10 stainless steel made in Sheffield England with bolster. Thickness 0.75mm x 142mm long uses the oval bolster. Made from Sheffield Stainless Steel Handle not included



Butter/Pate Knife - Small
  Small Butter/pate knife 18/10 stainless steel made in Sheffield England with bolster. Thickness 0.75mm x 109mm long uses the oval bolster.



Cheese Axe Stainless Steel
  Cheese axe with ferrule stainless steel



Cheese Grater
  Cheese grater stainless steel made in Norway. Length 125mm



Cheese Knife Australian Large
  Large cheese blade stainless steel with bolster, stamped with a map of Australia great for use as a souvenir. Blade thickness 1mm x 147mm long, has the woodturners large round bolster, a heavy duty blade.



Cheese Knife Holey Australia Map
  Holey cheese knife shiny finish made from 1mm thick 304 stainless steel. Uses the woodturners bolster as the transition from your round turning to the flat blade. This blade has been stamped with the Australia map giving you the opportunity to ma...

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Cheese Knife Sheffield Steel
  18/10 stainless steel made in Sheffield England with bolster, Stainless steel thickness 1mm x length 147mm. This blade has the woodturners large round bolster, a heavy duty serrated blade.

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Cheese Planer
  Stainless cheese planer, made from spring steel.


cake slice  

Cheese Planer Combo - Serrated
  Combination cheese planer made of spring stainless steel, made in China. Cut, plane and pick up your cheese, planer leaves a fancy corrugated finish to the cut sheet.



Chrome Ice Cream Scoop S/S
  Stainless steel ice cream scoop, strong thick material just perfect to serve solid ice cream. Total length 100mm scoop length 54mm x width 44mm.



Cleaver Style Cheese Knife
  Stainless Steel. Cleaver style cheese knife kit.



Dessert Spoon
  Dessert spoon stainless steel with bolster made in Sheffield England



Grapefruit Blade
  Grapefruit knife stainless steel with bolster. Length 124mm



Half Cheese Knife Sheffield Steel
  Stainless Steel Half cheese knife. 18/10 stainless steel made in Sheffield England with bolster. Length 106mm thickness 0.75mm supplied with small oval bolster.



Heart Shaped Cheese Blade
  Heart shaped cheese knife is ideal for pate and cottage cheese, can also be used for jam or cream,length 114mm.

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Herb Blade 200mm
  Mezaluna blade, herb chopping blade with ferrules stainless steel



Hot Bread Knife
  Hot bread knife teflon coated. Make the handle and frame and you have a perfect blade for cutting hot bread. .



Jam Spoon
  Small spoon and ferrule stainless steel. Can be used for jam, salt, cream or mustard.

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Oyster Shucking Knife
  Oyster shucker blade & ferrule stainless steel, Bolster chrome plated steel.



Parer Knife
  Made from Sheffield Stainless Steel



Parmesan Cheese Blade
  Parmesan cheese blade heavy duty with ferrule stainless steel



Pizza Cutting Wheel
  Pizza wheel 100mm diameter and stainless steel Handle not included.



Rasp Grater Kit
  With a stainless steel blade, made by forming hundreds of tiny rasp teeth. A handy snap-on cover is included to protect the cutting surface from dulling and protect your hands too.



Short Handle Salad Servers
  Salad servers short tang 18/10 stainless steel and bolster Length 150mm

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Soft Cheese Planer
  Soft cheese planer stainless steel made in Norway. Use to plane soft cheese. Length 110mm



Stainless Steel Cheese Knife - 78mm
  Stainless Steel cheese knife kit. Fishtail shape blade for long-lasting use. Length: 78mm.



Stainless Steel Garlic Press Kit
  Stainless steel garlic press kit, elegant but simple design. Make your own wood handles and let you crush garlic easily and comfortably with minimal strength. It will help to remove the garlic peel easily and quickly, which can save...



Stainless Steel Holey Cheese Knife
  Stainless steel blade for long-lasting use.  Blade Length: 80mm

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Stainless Steel Holey Cheese Knife - Serrated
  Stainless steel cheese knife kit. Blade length: 143mm.



Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon kit (4pcs/set)
  Stainless steel 410 measuring spoon kits with the flat handle. A must-have kitchen essential that will make the perfect gift. 4pcs/set.  Including 1/4TSP, 1/2TSP, 1TSP, 1TBSP.



Steak Fork
  Stainless steel fork with bolster made from Sheffield Stainless Steel in Sheffield England Length 142mm



Steak Knife
  Steak knife and bolster stainless steel made in Sheffield England Length 155mm



Straight Pie Blade Unmarked
  Straight pie blade stainless steel with bolster. Length 185mm

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Tea Spoon
  Made from Sheffield Stainless Steel

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Three Prong Pickle/Olive Fork
  Three prong olive pickle fork with ferrule stainless steel

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Tomato Fillet Boning Blade
  This stainless blade can be used for boning, filleting or coring fruit. Made of 420 stainless steel with a round bolster that matches the circular turning profile. Blade length 110mm tang length 30mm.