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Decorating Elf Accessory Cutters #916
  With the addition of these interchangeable cutters you can create even more beautiful and unique textures with The Decorating Elf by Henry Taylor. Choose from the stretched bulb-shape Bud Cutter, spherical Ball Cutter, or straight-sided Cylinder C...



Decorating Elf By Henry Taylor #913
  The Decorating Elf .. the most versatile texturing tool available and so simple to use. Cuts wood - side & end grain, acrylics, alternative ivory, bone and antler Use it on concave, flat and convex surfaces. Ideal for decorating pens, boxes, ...



Henry Taylor HSS Coving Tool #927
  The Henry Taylor® HSS Coving Tool is a small round point scraper made from round bar for strength and rigidity. This Henry Taylor® Coving Tool is ideal for creating small coves on pens, boxes, knobs and light pulls, prior to creating a ...



Henry Taylor HSS Point Tool #928
  The Henry Taylor® HSS Point Tool is designed for cutting small detail lines to separate decorative patterns when using the Decorating Elf. Detail lines help provide definition and a clean transition on your work.