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We at Pop's Shed are delighted to launch the ConChuck.  This chuck was designed by Con Clavant who is an experienced
turner  based in Melbourne who has made his mark here in Australia as both a skilled turner and woodturning  judge.

The ConChuck  is a  Split pin chuck  with a unique design that enables any shape of wood to be held on the lathe with the drilling of a single 22mm hole.

At Pop’s Shed we have taken Con’s design and invested in fabricating  a high quality zinc plated chuck  which we are sure will enhance your turning.  The Video below provides more detail on how the ConChuck works.

The ConChuck is available in two thread sizes.  These are 30mm x 3.5 and 1 inch x 10 TPI.

To find out more about the ConChuck click on the Picture below.

The ConChuck